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At Enzio pharmaceuticals we strive to manufacture the highest quality products. To ensure, you the customer indeed are using products manufactured in our facilities worldwide, we have developed certain algorithms and security features that would make sure that you are only using Genuine Enzio Pharmaceuticals medicines. A brief overview is given below
1. LABEL design
Unique Product
Serial Nubmer
Batch Number
You will be able to use
this batch number to certify product
2. At Enzio pharmaceuticals we use quality material to package your products. This guarantees your products aren’t contaminated during transit.
3. Tamper evident holograms of 15mm diameter. If the counterfeiter attempts to duplicate our medicines by removing the hologram, the hologram will leave a 'VOID'/'TAMPERED' mark as indicated below in the photo.
4. CODE 32 barcode for every one of our medicines. All products have a barcode which follows CODE 32 standards (also known as Italian Pharmacode)
5. All the products have valid batch numbers, manufacturing dates and expiration dates
6. 13 DIGIT UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER - All of the products have a thirteen digit serial number on the label. This serial number is unique for each of our products distributed worldwide
7. Unique serial numbers protected by scratch holograms. The UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBERS mentioned are covered with scratch holograms. Once these holograms are scratched, the unique serial numbers will be revealed
8. Authenticate products - You may enter the unique serial number, batch number, supplier name in our Verification section to be sure your products are genuine and originally issued by Enzio Pharmaceuticals
Please use the links below:
Certify supplier
Certify Product Batch Number
Certify Product- Unique serial number
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