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Pharmaceutical Name : Liothyronine Sodium
Proprietary Name    : Liothyrez 25TM
Dosage form        : 25mcg/Tablet
Synthetically manufactured liothyronine sodium resembles the natural thyroid hormone tricodide-thyronine (L-T3). The thyroid of a healthy person usually produces two hormones, the better known L-thyroxine (L-T4) and the aforementioned L-trilodine~thyronine (L-T3). It causes the same processes in the body as if the thyroid were to produce more of the hormone. It is interesting to note that L-T3 is clearly the stronger and more effective of these two hormones. As for the dosage, one should be very careful since t-3 is a very strong and highly effective thyroid hormone. It is extremely impor­tant that one begins with a low dosage, increasing it slowly and evenly over the course of several days. A dose higher than 100 mcg/ day is not necessary and not advisable. It is not recommended that the daily dose be taken all at once but broken down into three smaller individual doses so that they become more effective. It is also impor­tant that Liothyrez not be taken for more than six weeks.
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